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Cardiovascular Health Checks

If you believe, as I do that knowing the condition of your arteries is vital to avoiding Strokes and Heart attack, then maybe you should consider this Non Invasive check. The device to scan your arteries to assess the flexibility, or stiffness, is called a DPA machine. This stand for Digital Pulsewave Alalyser. It works […]

The future of Gas central heating.

The truth about global warming, whether it will destroy our planet is really irrelevant, as, by the time we find out for sure, the world will have moved on. Almost certainly, within 10 years, we will not need to burn fossil fuels in our homes, or even in our factories. Our energy will come from […]

Sugar, especially Fructose

Sugar, especially Fructose. Sugar, including Honey, Molasses, Maple syrup etc is made up of two components… Glucose and Fructose in roughly equal parts. Glucose is the good part in moderate amounts and prompts a normal response from insulin, which controls blood sugar levels. Also most starches break down to glucose, and are very important nutritionally. […]

Alzheimer’s and Sugar

High Blood Sugar Makes Alzheimer’s Plaque More Toxic to the Brain Oct. 29, 2013 — High blood-sugar levels, such as those linked with Type 2 diabetes, make beta amyloid protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease dramatically more toxic to cells lining blood vessels in the brain, according to a new Tulane University study published in latest […]


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