Sugar, especially Fructose

Sugar, especially Fructose.

Sugar, including Honey, Molasses, Maple syrup etc is made up of two components… Glucose and Fructose in roughly equal parts.
Glucose is the good part in moderate amounts and prompts a normal response from insulin, which controls blood sugar levels. Also most starches break down to glucose, and are very important nutritionally.

Fructose is a different story!

1/. Leptin and Insulin response is compromised by fructose consumption. (Also by MSG). Leptin regulates appetite and controls all hormones, including the thyroid. Knock on effects can be catastrophic, causing a cascade of chronic diseases.

2/. Triglyceride fats are Oxidised in the bloodstream by fructose, through a process called Glycation. (Bonding of sugar molecules to proteins and fats). Creates hard sharp fragments which damage the arterial walls. Cholesterol is needed to patch up the damage, as an emergency measure, but ultimately causes blocked arteries as more fructose is ingested. Cholesterol reducing drugs could hinder this repair mechanism.

3/. The liver is overworked by fructose. Fructose is only processed by the liver, which then sends more triglycerides through the bloodstream, to be stored as fat. What cannot be processed immediately is stored in the liver, causing fatty liver disease. Gout and high blood pressure are also caused by this process.

4/. Inflammation throughout the body and brain is caused by fructose induced damage to the arteries. The immune system is overworked trying to repair the damage, losing the battle as more fructose is ingested. Also linked to autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, food allergies/intolerances and behavioural problems such as ADHD, due to malabsorbtion and therefore deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals.

5/. Oral bacterial growth, streptococcus mutans, causes tooth decay and gum disease by converting fructose into lactic acid and other enzymes. Also causes gastric problems and Strep throat due to excessive bacterial ingestion.

6/. Diabetes is caused by fructose, due to the fact that it doesn’t cause an insulin response, and it also interferes with the ability of insulin to control blood glucose. More insulin is produced until a vicious circle eventually causes insulin resistance. (Type 2 Diabetes) Blood sugar stays high. Diabetes then causes other diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Also linked to Pancreatic cell death in many research papers today.

7/. Premature ageing is also caused by fructose, due to high levels of free radical production due to oxidisation and cell death.

8/. Cancer is promoted by fructose consumption, by feeding the tumour or damaged tissues with fructose from the bloodstream, speeding up cell division and proliferation in an acidic environment. Recent research also connects cancer with fructose through inhibiting T cells from connecting to cancer cells and therefore unable to destroy them.

9/. Osteoporosis is another condition which is caused by fructose, due to the body taking calcium from the bones to neutralise the acidity caused by fructose. Taking so called calcium carbonate supplements don’t help, as the carbonate (limestone) also causes an acidic environment and therefore you need even more calcium. (Only use ionic liquid calcium or preferably green veg).

10/. Fruit contains fructose and a small amount in veg. Too much fruit is really bad for you… however the reason a little fruit is good and all veg is good is that the fructose is balanced with Vit C and fibre. The fibre slows down the absorption of the fructose and the Vit C is a powerful antioxidant which negates the harmful effects of the fructose. Plus there are numerous other valuable nutrients in the fruit, and it tastes good! However, the reason a little is good and a lot is bad is that the body can only process a certain amount of Vit C, and the rest gets flushed away in the urine, taking other toxins with it. But the fructose can be absorbed, even before it reaches the stomach, in almost unlimited quantities, allowing oxidisation again. Beware fruit juices are almost all fructose with no fibre, and nowhere near enough Vit C to mitigate the oxidative damage.

11/. Fructose also promotes Uric acid production. Uric acid is our body’s natural antioxidant, (through the Urea cycle) however an excess amount leads to crystallization, forming sharp needle like structures that damage joints, otherwise known as Gout. Think of Henry 8th with too much fruit and sugar. New and very expensive in those days. If only he new.


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